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Investing in a Digital Future

Kings Finance Limited brings together ideas, innovation and experts to help high-performing entrepreneurs and investors achieve their goals

kings finance limited is a New Zealand financial investment company built and regulated under the New Zealand ministry of Business, innovation and Employment. We deliver technical expertise and hands-on experience through secure, resilient and sustainable solutions, ensuring our Investors have the confidence and clarity they need to maximise the potential of their fund or portfolio.
From the outset we have sought to create real and lasting relationships with our Investors – priding ourselves on being straight-forward, loyal and innovative in addressing their needs. Kings Finance Limited has an open-minded approach to structure and we take pride in tailoring investments to the needs of our Investors.

Our mission

What we do

At kings finance limited, our mission is to help New Zealand citizens and other countries all over the world in building thier financial Capacity through digital asset ecosystem while serving as trusted partners for our Investors. We take this role seriously, and have spent the last few years building products and services to meet our Investors’ needs – from individuals to institutions, and everyone in between.
As the digital asset market grows and evolves, we analyze opportunities and build long-lasting investment solutions around the needs of our Investors.

Andrew William KING
Anne Marie KING Directors & Shareholders

Bringing Clarity to a Complex Industry


We go beyond the hype and speculation that has gripped this emerging asset class. Our Research is widely utilized and cited. As stewards of this new asset class, we provide our Investors and the broader market with insightful analysis that separates signal from noise. Our team delivers clear and intelligent insights, supported by empirical evidence, and is essential reading for investors who want to keep pace with this rapidly evolving industry.